Concept Development

Market demand for new and exciting restaurant concepts never ends. The development of a distinctive concept can help ensure a successful restaurant.

Restaurant Consultants, Inc. assists clients in the development of cutting edge concepts that define the operation and capture the interest and imagination of the target market. Working side-by-side with the client, RCI assists in the planning and development to define a winning concept.

The goal of the concept definition is to develop a competitive and successful restaurant operation. Concept development includes positioning, segmentation, advertising strategy, naming research and development, restaurant naming and company branding.

Phase One - Research

The first phase of concept development is a researching the location and the competitive market to determine the level of competition and voids in the market, as well as the weaknesses and strengths of the market.

Phase Two - Development

The second phase of concept development is the development of the name, logo and graphics and marketing definition, along with development of an plan for the implementation of the concept.

Phase Three - Monitoring and Redefinition

The third phase of concept development is the monitoring of the competitive marketplace and trends to keep the concept up-to-date with ever changing consumer wants and needs. If required the concept should be redefined - reinvented - to keep the restaurant current and competitive.
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