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How Do You Find Out If Your Customers Are Satisfied?

As we all know in the restaurant business, customer satisfaction and repeat business are the keys to the success of a restaurant. If customers are not satisfied they simply won't return and they won't recommend your restaurant to their friends. If you want to know if your customers are satisfied, the best way is to ask them.

It is a savvy operator that truly understands the value of strong customer relations and using satisfaction surveys to strengthen customer relationships for long-term profitability.

What is the Best Way to Ask Your Customers If They Are Satisfied?

There are many ways to ask if your customers are satisfied with their restaurant experience. You can ask your guests at their table, ask them fill-out a comment card, send them a survey, ask them to call an 800 number or telephone them — all with predictable results.

Our society is becoming increasingly web-based for shopping, information and communication. Online surveys are the smart way to gain customer information — in increasing numbers customers go online on their mobile phone to complete surveys. Paper comment cards are obsolete, 800 numbers are passť and you can't be at every table.

Web-based surveys allow customers to go online, complete the survey without the hassle and inconvenience of using a telephone. Once the surveys are complete, then the data can be sorted, displayed and viewed in ways that allow the owner / operator to use the data as a tool to reach out and recapture dissatisfied customers and to drill down to uncover and fix operational problems.

How Does GuesTrak™ Measure Customer Satisfaction?

GuesTrak™ constantly listens to your guests and keeps your finger on their pulse, letting you know what they think of your restaurant and their dining experience.

Customers are invited to go online via an invitation printed on the POS receipt, which is promoted by signage and the service staff. To encourage and increase participation a "hook" for the chance to win a reward is printed on the POS receipt. Typically, it is a weekly drawing for a "Free Dinner for Two." A simple, cost effective way to increase participation and get feedback from the middle gray area customers that are neither pleased or dissatisfied.

Using the POS invitation, the customer goes online and completes a short survey, which is customized to help you achieve the customer satisfaction goals and objectives of your restaurant.

What Types of Reports Does GuesTrak™ Generate?

GuesTrak™ generates Monthly Summary Reports for the individual restaurant unit, franchises, as well as corporate. Reports present the statistical analysis in a graphical format that can be quickly read and easily understood, as well as a tool to be used for problem resolution.

Reports feature performance charting, period trending and statistics, as well as categorized customer feedback comments. Trending illustrates performance trends and allows tracking of deficiencies allowing operators to target areas for improvement. GuesTrak™'s Unique Online Problem Resolution System

GuesTrak™ sets the standard for online surveys for restaurants.

While most survey companies design their surveys to fit all kinds of businesses, GuesTrak™ is designed just for restaurants. Therefore, the reporting system zeros in on issues that directly affect restaurants and provides problem solving for issues directly affecting the restaurant industry.

GuesTrak is a customer satisfaction survey designed specifically for restaurants. Constantly listen to your guests and keep your finger on their pulse, GuesTrak will keep you informed about what yo r cusotmers think of your restaurant and their dining experience.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Restaurant Industry Specific – designed specifically for restaurants
  • Ease of Set-Up – easy to set-up, install and maintain
  • Customization – categories and questions fully customizable
  • Flexible Rewards – rewards encourage and increase participation
  • Automated Reporting – performance charting, period and year-to-date trending, customer comments
  • Categorized Comments – defines areas of praise and concern
  • Real-Time Email Alerts – solve customer complaints immediately

Real Time Alerts. GuesTrak keeps you in touch with guests with real-time critical alerts for dissatisfied cusotmers. GuesTrak produces management reports with trend scoring and performance charting that allows operators to monitor gust satisfaction and maintain

Increasing Responses. GuesTrak utilizes a Weekly Award Drawing to encourage cusotmers to enter and complete a survey for a chance to be win free food. This gets a wider spectrum of cusotmers to complete the survey - not just dissatisfied guests.

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